About The Company

Simple- Intelligent- Universal

TENXIONPAK is designed to protect multiple product lines with one packaging design solution. A patented packaging design- Our guiding priciple is to provide superior packaging solutions that preserve your product image while protecting from damage in shipping and handling while supporting our environmental mission to ensure we contribute to the reduction of demand for raw materials, energy, water and other natural resources.

We provide effective designs with minimal use of material and manufacturing energy requirements, with ease of curbside recycling to support environmental programs, protecting the environment and preserving our earth for future Generations.

Our reduced space requirements and lower packaging dimensional weight translates to lower shipping cost while increasing volume of total parts per pallet, to effectively support logistic needs for Original equipment manufacturer (OEM), contract manufacturers and repair/service groups, reducing huge amounts of fossil fuel used to transport to manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, to consumers and ultimately to recycling centers.

A division of Victory Foam, Inc., TENXIONPAK was achieved by using technical ingenuity and scientific knowledge to create efficient packaging for leading manufacturers and service groups in electronics, medical, commercial and industrial sectors and to allow easy local resource access due to its simple demands for raw materials, manufacturing and recycling processes.


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